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    Secret Garden – Massage

    Need to unwind ? The Secret de Paris is just the place.

    Welcome to a green design haven of calm and serenity. Head downstairs to a jardin à la française – the Tuileries, say, or a quiet corner of the jardin du Luxembourg – where every detail is devoted to helping you unwind and feel great.

    After a hectic day out and about in Paris, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a relaxing massage in the hotel. Easy: just book.  And what about following it up with an invigorating session in our spacious 6 person hammam or sauna? With its poetic and soothing atmosphere, this is just the place to chill out.





    Sauna, Hammam…

    … and private Jacuzzi ®!



    After booking a romantic room with an unusual decor, you can add the privatization of the Jacuzzi® area located in the hotel spa, which is open 24 hours a day.

    Bring out the big game and amaze your partner by reserving a romantic moment in the Jacuzzi® area.

    • – Private access for 1 hour to the Jacuzzi® area (by reservation)
    • – Two glasses of Champagne or two soft drinks (excluding cocktails)

    Come and celebrate a moment for two in the most romantic hotel in France.

    Terms of sale
    Tourist tax of 2.88 € per person and per night not included and which will be collected at check-in

    Cancellation Policy
    Until 12:00 (noon), 7 days before the date of arrival without penalty
    In case of late cancellation or no show, the hotel charges 100% of the amount of the 1st night

    the hotel does not require prepayment on this rate
    Your credit card will be charged with a deposit by Bookassist


    Discover the Jacuzzi in video


    Life is energy…


    Any living entity is in constant exchange of energy with its environment. Sometimes, for various reasons, these exchange channels become clogged or close, creating significant imbalances. Well-being massage techniques are above all put in place to rebalance these energy flows, in order to relax you. Our traditional masseurs listen to you, soothe you, balancing the energy of your body. Each session is unique, it is an opportunity to find yourself.


    Rates / person

    Périod 50 min 80 min
    Day (9am-8pm) 120€ 150€
    Evening (8pm -11pm) 200€ 250€
    Night (11pm-7am) 250€ 360€


    All our massages are offered in our massage room at the reception level.


    A reservation at least 2 hours in advance is required for all massages.

    1. Californian Massage

    Of American origin, gentle and relaxing, sharing the various enveloping maneuvers of the Californian seeks comfort, physical relaxation and overall well-being. The sensory richness found makes it possible to reconcile with one’s body. Californian massage gives you, by its sensuality, the feeling of being particularly well treated. Gentle and relaxing, the Californian massage combines a variety of long strokes to soothe and relax the muscles and promote a total sense of wellbeing. It re-awakens the senses and so allows you to be at one with your body. A richly sensual massage that leaves you feeling thoroughly pampered.

    Developing your awareness of your body, it :

    • Improves sensory perception
    • Gets rid of stress accumulated during the day
    • Relaxes your muscles
- Releases tension
- Helps you to be more resistant to stress
    • Awakens your senses

    2. Swedish Massage

    As the name suggests, this technique comes from Sweden but Americans have adapted it further. A powerful tonic massage, it frees up the muscle and mobility, leaving you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.

    A Swedish Massage :

    • Eliminates most stress-related tension
    • Tones the muscles
    • Promotes healthy blood and lymph circulation
    • Helps the body eliminate toxins
    • Induces a sense of vitality (drainage)
    • Softens skin and helps boost its elasticity
    • Aids joint flexibility
    • Is ideal after flying, counteracts jet-lag
    • Acts as a tonic, the perfect pick-me-up
    • Combats tiredness

    3. Thai Massage

    Known as “Le Nuad Bo-Rarn”, this traditional massage is imbued with the principles of yoga and meditation, and was originally brought to Thailand from India. It involves a complex pattern of strokes and stretching movements, and also makes use of pressure aligned to the breathing. The relaxing effect of a Thai massage calms the mind and leaves you with an all-over feeling of well-being, both physical and spiritual.

    A Thai massage (Nuad Bo-Rarn) :

    • promotes a sense of emotional stability
    • enables you to breathe deeply and fully
    • eliminates stress
    • relaxes body and mind
    • leaves you feeling lighter, more in tune with yourself
    • awakens your senses and heightens awareness
    • promotes the flow of Qi energy in your body
    • helps release tension

    4. Shiatsu

    Essentially, shiatsu is the art of zen massage. It works to rebalance the energy in your body and mind. By treating yourself to a shiatsu massage, you enable the body to draw the energy it needs. After “listening” to your body, the masseur will concentrate on precise pressure points in order respond to specific needs. The massage :

    • Promotes a sense of emotional stability and wellbeing
    • Eliminates stress
- Helps you breathe fully and deeply
    • Improves drainage
    • Leaves you feeling lighter, more receptive, more in tune with yourself
    • Intensifies the exchange of energies
    • Intensifier les échanges énergétiques
    • Releases tension

    5. JET-LAG Massage

    A massage to top up your energy levels and counteract the unpleasant effects of crossing time zones :

    • Eliminates travel stress, especially after a long-haul flight
    • Balances your body clock, enabling you to sleep restfully
    • Helps relieve tension
    • Helps boost your vitality